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Last updated on August 17th, 1998

The figure below displays the results of the visual query given above. The results are listed in an order that is based on the attributes involved in the query and on the weights of those attributes. The attribute weights are determined by the TAH that was used to help process the query. Remember, TAHs are constructed to cluster objects that are similar with respect to given attributes (features); therefore, the TAH chosen for the above query was previously constructed to cluster lung tumor objects that are similar based on their xCentroid, yCentroid, and area features. The 'best' TAH for processing is automatically chosen by the query engine.

The query-results window provides the user with several options for viewing the results of his/her query. The first option allows the user to Inspect a highlighted result. Activating this button opens a window displaying a lung image that satisfies the query.

Another option that is given to the user displays the actual query statement that was constructed from the visual MQuery diagram. Because KMeD's object-oriented database was developed in the SmallTalk language, the query statement displays the SmallTalk equivalent of the visual MQuery diagram.

If the user wishes to view the TAH that was used to process his/her query, he/she is given the option to view this TAH. Note that KMeD's TAH viewer also provides the users with a scaled view of the images clustered by the displayed TAH.

The last option of the query-result window allows the user to re-rank the results of their query. Therefore, should the user want to have the results listed by order of area, then the user simply double-clicks on the area attribute on the bottom table of the query-result window. This bring up the dialog box, shown below, that allows the user to enter a new ranking order for the corresponding attribute (in this case, the area attribute). Of course, the user must also decrease the ranking of the other attributes listed.

This figure displays the reranked query results.

  1. Image Segmentation
  2. TAH generation
  3. Visual Query/Schema Language
  4. MQuery Results and Visualiation
  5. The OITL Application
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