A project of the Department of Radiological Sciences
in collaboration with the Computer Science Department of the University of California, Los Angeles 

The following is a directory of the projects, faculty, students, and staff of the UCLA PPG started in 1996. Links to more detailed profiles are provided when available. Last updated on February 10, 1998. 

  Principal Investigator Hooshang Kangarloo, MD
Co-Principal Investigators Denise R. Aberle, MD
  Richard J. Steckel, MD
Alfonso F. Cárdenas, PhD

PPG1 Objectives

  Project Leader Hooshang Kangarloo, MD  
Project Co-Leaders Richard J. Steckel, MD  
  Ricky K. Taira, PhD 
Publications Usha Sinha, PhD  


PPG2 Objectives

  Project Leader Gary R. Duckwiler, MD  
Project Co-Leader Daniel J. Valentino, PhD  


PPG3 Objectives

  Project Leader Denise R. Aberle, MD  
Project Co-Leaders Michael F. McNitt-Gray, PhD
Publications Jonathan G. Goldin, MbChb, PhD, FRCR
Photographs of the people behind PPG3.


PPG4 Objectives

  Project Leader Wesley W. Chu, PhD  
Project Co-Leaders Alfonso F. Cárdenas, PhD  
Publications Ricky K. Taira, PhD


CORE A Objectives

  Core Leader Daniel J. Valentino, PhD  
Core Co-Leaders Ricky K. Taira, PhD  
  James W. Sayre, PhD  


  Core Leader Denise R. Aberle, MD  
Principal Investigator Hooshang Kangarloo, MD  
Co-Principal Investigators Alfonso F. Cárdenas, PhD  
  Richard J. Steckel, MD  

The PPG Project is funded by the National Institue of Health (NIH): The NIH gives grants to research institutions for a variety of medical research projects, and serves as the foundation for several other large government organized efforts. Current medical research can be found here.

The PPG web pages are maintained by Jason Borja and Dr. Alfonso F. Cardenas